BorgWarner S400SX-E 650-1575 HP Turbocharger

BorgWarner S400SX-E 650-1575 HP Turbocharger

• Twin hydrodynamic journal bearings
• Extended Tip Technology Compressor Wheel
• Twin Scroll Turbine Housing
• Adjustable compressor and turbine housing orientation
• Standard turbine inlet and outlet connections
• Compressor cover recirculation grooves


This is a screenshot of a BorgWarner catalog page showing product details for the BorgWarner S400SX-E 650-1575 HP Turbo.

Additional information

Turbine Housing

177211 0.88 Volute Open Flow T4 Inlet 80mm Turbine Wheel, 177208 0.91 Volute, Twin Flow, 179905 1.00 Volute, Twin Flow, 177210 0.88 Volute, Open Flow 76mm Turbine Wheel, 177207 0.91 Volute, Twin Flow, 177209 1.00 Volute, Twin Flow


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