Tim Scott, owner of Tim's TurbosAt Tim’s Turbos, our motto is “Service first.”

When Tim Scott started rebuilding turbos in his basement in 2002, he never dreamed his company would one day serve an international customer base spread across five continents.

Despite our global reach, we’ve never lost our “small town” approach to customer service: hands-on, thoughtful, friendly, and committed to delivering top service. When you call us, you’ll always reach a knowledgeable tech who can answer any question about any turbo.

The passion we have for turbos extends to everything we do. Our top-of-the-line equipment is the same machinery that manufacturers rely on. Why go that extra mile? We don’t want to just meet our customers’ expectations, we want to exceed them. Our turbos are known for their engineering and precision due to our attention to detail.

Have a turbocharger rebuilding project you need an experienced team to handle, or an idea you want to talk over?