Porsche 911- BV50 Upgrade 997 Upgrade

We now offer upgraded 997 turbochargers! They are custom built to be a perfect match while utilizing BorgWarner parts. These turbocharges are intended for modified fuel and air. The compressor covers are CNC’ed in-house for prefect quality control. The compressor is a true OEM FMW or billet BorgWarner wheel with expended tip technology. Each wheel flows at 34lbs/min (340hp) at a 2.5:1 pressure ratio. They are rotor matched for longevity and fast spool. These turbochargers are professionally built and blue printed all in-house. They are then bench tested to over 100,000RPM with oil and air supplied using the VSR system. All the turbos are balanced in our 7-step process. The turbine wheel has been modified for more exhaust flow. These turbochargers will flow a true 650hp without compromising drivability and spool. We are trying to keep it exchange only. But, if we are out of stock we can rebuild your set and do the proper modifications. Damaged cores are not accepted. We also do many stock rebuilds on Porsche turbochargers. Call or email us for more information.

  • True Bolt in turbochargers
  • 450hp-650hp+
  • Professionally built or rebuilt in-house
  • OEM BorgWarner Forged Milled Wheel, with Extended Tip Technology
  • Great drivability and spool
  • Fully VSR balanced and tested
  • 360 degree thrust bearings
  • Modified turbine wheels
  • Intended for off road or racing use
  • Price $3,800.00 for twin set of BV50TT60


To purchase a modified performance turbo, you must sign and submit a waiver form.

Modification Waiver