BorgWarner S500SX 900-1475 & 900-1575 HP Turbocharger

BorgWarner S500SX 900-1475 & 900-1575 HP Turbocharger

• Twin hydrodynamic journal bearings
• Extended Tip Technology Compressor Wheel
• Available in twin scroll and open fl ow turbine volute options
• Adjustable compressor and turbine housing orientation
• Compressor cover recirculation grooves
• Optimized compressor inlet geometry
• Dual machined compressor cover discharge
connection (v-band or hose bead)
• Premachined speed sensor mounting boss



This is a screenshot of a BorgWarner catalog page showing product details for the BorgWarner S500SX Turbo with 900-1475 HP and 900-1575 HP variants.


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