We offer a comprehensive fuel injector inspection and cleaning service for performance enthusiasts.

Fuel Injector CleaningDid you know dirty, worn or bad injectors can cause power loss, poor fuel economy, power imbalance, rough idle, and rich or lean running engine?  Weak, worn or intermittent injectors can break down under high engine load or speed, causing pre-ignition, reduced power and possible engine damage.

Our Comprehensive 12-Point Fuel Injector Inspection and Cleaning Process

  1. Fuel injectors are marked and identified for data sheet testing.
  2. We inspect for visual damage and clean off loose dirt and debris prior to testing.
  3. We set up the injector for testing. Fluid and pressure are applied to check for leaks.
  4. At this point we measure the inductance draw across all injectors. This will provide us with an accurate injector coil test.
  5. The injectors are activated in a window test to check spray patterns, droplet size, width and angle of flow.
  6. Next we perform a flow test. We test under various real-time duty cycles and record pressure and volume flow rate.
  7. High RPM testing under pressure to test fuel injector coil integrity, activation and recovery performance.
  8. O-rings, filters and caps are removed and inspected.
  9. Sonic cleaning of injectors while emulating various loads and speeds.
  10. After sonic cleaning and back-flowing the injectors, testing is repeated and recorded.  We repeat until all injectors are within manufacturer specifications.
  11. Injectors are refitted with O-rings, filters and pintle caps.
  12. Injectors are cleaned of all fluids and sealed with protective caps, ready for shipment.

While most injectors can be successfully cleaned and recovered, some may require additional steps or replacement.  In this case we will provide our test findings and recommendations.

Why You Should Have Your Fuel Injectors Checked and Cleaned

  • Leaky Injectors:  A leaking injector can cause many problems including difficult engine start, rough idle, bad fuel economy and even total engine failure. For example, if an injector is leaking down while the engine is off, it can pool fuel in a cylinder. Since fluid cannot compress, the next time you crank your engine there may be a hydrostatic lock-up, resulting in a bent connecting rod, broken piston wrist pin, collapsed piston etc.
  • Out-Of-Balance Injectors:  The engine runs off a monitored system. But, it takes in engine performance information using a blanketing tactic called a Lambda system. So if you have 4 cylinder engine, and one injector is running lean, all four injectors will be commanded to add fuel. The three good injectors will add additional fuel to obtain the correct air-fuel ratio. This will still leave the one cylinder running lean, which can knock or detonate.  This in turn causes the computer to retard ignition timing, resulting in poor fuel economy and performance.
  • Injector Coil Breakdown:  We electrically test fuel injectors by measuring coil inductance. This checks the performance balance between each of the injectors. We also test under varying fuel pressures and flow rates. Many forced induction performance engines run rising rate fuel pressure regulators. If your coil fails to lift the pentyl under higher pressure, you will have a lean-out condition under full load, high-power conditions, which may result in catastrophic engine damage.

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