The team at Tim’s Turbos is fanatic about providing top-notch turbocharger services that ensure your engine is performing at peak levels. Our shop only uses the most advanced techniques and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure we provide our customers with the very best finished product.

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Balancing and VSR Testing

Balancing is absolutely vital to turbocharger rebuilding, because it provides the stability that is critical at high speeds.

We use a Heins TC3 machine and state-of-the-art VSR rebalancing techniques to ensure your turbocharger can easily handle 150,000 RPMs and higher. Our VSR balancing process exceeds OEM and performance market specs to improve longevity and faster spool up times.


Our process

After we have completed shaft striating, each rotating component of the turbo is balanced separately and then re-balanced after re-assembly to ensure safety, reliability and high performance.

During re-balancing, our process surpasses most turbocharger rebuilding shops. The center cartridge is places in our VSR balancer, and, supplied with fresh oil, the rotor group is tested to ranges that exceed 150,000 RPMs. We test for mass imbalances of the core, harmonics, and oil leaks.

If the turbocharger does not pass the test within four corrections, the turbo is disassembled for wear inspection before going through the process again. At Tim’s Turbos, we don’t believe in short cuts.


Bearings Upgrades


When we build hybrids and high performance turbos, upgraded bearings are not an option – they are a must-have.

We offer grooved bearings to better filter out oil debris and conversions from the common 270 degrees thrust bearings to 360 degrees, which will improve turbo longevity under high boost applications or high differential drive pressure ratios.


Specialized Cleaning


Because clean turbos are vital to peak engine performance, cleaning has become one of our specialties.

It doesn’t matter how well you build engines, transmissions, or turbochargers – if your parts are not cleaned properly, you are guaranteed to experience engine failure.  In addition to turbo cleaning, we offer manifold, intake, and turbo accessory cleaning.

Light Cleaning

We start with baking soda or walnut shells, two light but very effective products for fragile aluminum blades before moving onto fluid cleaning using hot tanks and ultrasonic cleaning tubs. (Ultrasonic cleaning is the most advanced system for delicate parts; it is even used for surgical tools due to its thoroughness.)

Aggressive Cleaning

If we need to break out the big guns, we’ll use glass beads, aluminum oxide, and/or stainless shot. We also use a shot pen for surface harding, cleaning compressor wheels, and strengthening the backs of piston skirts. If you’d like to smooth out edges for a better oil slick, we’ll tumble turbo parts, including gears, seal plates, compressor covers, etc.


Turbine Wheel Clipping

Turbine Wheel Clipping

We highly recommend turbine wheel clipping when you choose to upgrade to larger compressor wheels or when we rebuild small turbos in twin systems.

We clip turbine wheels at three levels: 5 degrees, 10 degrees, and 15 degrees. We can clip higher, but you must specifically request it. Clipping will increase the mid-range and top end power of the engine, greatly increase the exhaust flow through the turbine blades, and greatly reduce backpressure upstream of the turbocharger.

In our experience, turbine wheel clipping produces the best results on:

  • Audi A4 and S4
  • Nissan GTR
  • Hyundai Genesis
  • Subaru WRX
  • Volkswagen TDI
  • Ford Powerstroke
  • Porsche 944, 993, and 996
  • BMW 335i


Wastegate Ports Boring

Wastegate Boring

Wastegate boring provides your engine with more power, less exhaust backpressure, and stable boost levels (which prevents dangerous boost spikes.)

As long as there’s enough material, we can bore out most wastegate ports to 34mm and replace the flapper with a 38mm stainless steel assembly with an adjustable throw arm.

When you need an experienced team on your side that is passionate about high-quality, performance-driven turbocharger rebuilding, give us a ring.

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