Put our turbocharger rebuilding knowledge and obsessive attention to detail to work for you. When Tim’s Turbos rebuilds your turbocharger, it will be like new – or better – when we ship it back.

Our Turbocharger Breakdown and Cleaning Process

After identifying the turbocharger and vehicle, we etch out the rotation, tear it down to each individual part, and determine the factors that may have caused the turbocharger to fail. All reusable parts are examined and measured for any signs of wear.

Major casting parts are tumbled and de-burred, and all sharp edges are broken down. (If you’re under the hood as much as we are, your knuckles will thank us!) Oil gales are cleared out and hot tanked. After the initial cleaning and inspection, all parts are ultrasonically cleaned.

The Turbocharger Rebuild

All Tim’s Turbos rebuilds include bearings, thrust bearings, seals, O-rings, piston rings, thrust parts, nuts, and bolts. If we need to replace worn turbine wheels, housings, and/or compressor wheels, we will provide you with an updated estimate before we finish the rebuild – we don’t like a surprise bill anymore than you do.

Assembly will be blue printed, and each part of the rotor group (compressor and turbine wheel) will be straightened and balanced using competition turbo balancing on our Heins TC3 machine (we balance beyond factory specs). Finally, we conduct VSR testing to ensure the turbocharger rebuild is up to our standards and performing at peak potential.

Naturally, we’ll let you know if any upgrades are available for your turbocharger, such as compressor wheels, turbine wheel clipping, wastegate porting, thrust bearings, etc.

Standard turbocharger rebuilding costs starts out at 3-3.5 hours labor at $90 an hour Plus parts to complete a correct rebuild. While VNT and VGT turbos start at 4-6 hours labor. You will always receive a FREE full estimate before the rebuild begins and have access to our knowledgeable technicians before, during, and after the rebuild.

Turbochargers We Regularly Service

  • Borg Warner/Schwitzer/KKK Turbocharger
  • Mitsubishi Turbocharger
  • Roto-Master Turbocharger
  • Turbonetics Turbocharger
  • Melett Turbocharger
  • Electronic Actuators Turbocharger
  • TRW-GM (Corvair) Turbocharger
  • Turbo International Turbocharger
  • Volvo Penta Turbocharger
  • Toyota Turbocharger
  • RaJay Turbocharger
  • Honeywell – Garrett/AiResearch Turbocharger
  • Cat Marine Turbocharger
  • Hitachi Turbocharger
  • IHI Turbocharger
  • Holset Turbocharger
  • Marine Turbocharger Rebuilding
  • Perkins Marine Turbocharger
  • Hino Marine Turbocharger
  • Mercury Marine Turbocharger
  • Cummins Marine Turbocharger
  • Audi Turbocharger
  • Buick Turbocharger
  • Chevrolet Turbocharger
  • Dodge Turbocharger
  • GMC Turbocharger
  • Mazda Turbocharger
  • Mitsubishi Turbocharger
  • Pontiac Turbocharger
  • Saturn Turbocharger
  • Subaru Turbocharger
  • BMW Turbocharger
  • Chrysler Turbocharger
  • Ford Turbocharger
  • Porsche Turbocharger
  • Hummer Turbocharger
  • Volkswagen Turbocharger
  • Mini Turbocharger
  • Freightliner Turbocharger
  • Jeep Turbocharger
  • Isuzu Turbocharger
  • Sprinter Turbocharger
  • Nissan Turbocharger
  • Cummins Turbocharger
  • Caterpillar Turbocharger
  • NPR Turbocharger
  • Mercedes Benz Turbocharger