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310, 2016

Tim’s Turbos Turbocharger Balancing Overview

We use the latest turbo balancing machines and techniques when rebuilding a turbocharger.  This video shows a quick glimpse into our precision turbo balancing process: […]

3007, 2016

5 Biggest Mistakes When Dealing With A Leaky Turbocharger

In this video we demonstrate the five biggest mistakes people make when dealing with a turbo leaking oil.  Examples shown include incorrect turbocharger mounting orientation and improper return line size. […]

806, 2016

Turbo Controls Part 2 – Actuators, Wastegates and Controlling Turbo Boost

In part 1 (click here) we introduced turbocharger controls including wastegates, actuators and electronic solenoid controls. […]

306, 2016

Turbo Controls Part 1 – Wastegates, Actuators, Solenoids

In this video we will introduce a variety of turbocharger controls including wastegate setups, actuators (including vacuum controls, boost controls and dual port), and electronic solenoid controls. […]

2204, 2016

Turbo Component, Shaft and Assembly Balancing

Turbo rebuild shops like Tim’s Turbos should have a turbo balancing machine.  In this video we describe different types of balancers such as single plane, dual plane and VSR, turbo balancing techniques, and what it looks like when a turbo component is properly balanced.  You can send us your turbine wheel and shaft assembly, or […]

1603, 2016

What To Look For When Buying A Used Turbocharger

Used turbocharger? Buyer beware!
Buying a used turbo might seem like a good deal at the time, but that purchase might cost you more than you think. There could be hidden damage deep inside caused by excessive wear, ingestion of foreign objects, debris from damaged engine parts, overheat/over-boost damage and more. You may not know the […]

102, 2016

How To Properly Disassemble A Rusty Turbocharger

Taking apart a rusty turbo? Be careful, it is very easy to damage the turbine or housing. Our video shows how we disassemble a turbocharger without damaging the fragile parts within. […]

1612, 2015

Does Your New Turbo Leak Oil?

Does your new turbo leak oil but you don’t know why?  Check out our video explaining why you may have an oil leak after installing a new turbo and how to prevent it. […]

411, 2015

Are Brand-New Turbo Parts Balanced?

One question we are asked a lot is about brand new, in-the-box turbo wheels and parts – do they come balanced?  The fact is, most of the time new parts do arrive balanced, but not always.  Even if the new part is already balanced, when it is assembled with other parts with imperfections, adjustments may […]

210, 2015

Holset Turbo Identification

Do you have a Holset turbo, commonly found on Dodge/Cummins diesel engines, and are unsure about parts interchangeability and upgrades? Or did you find one for sale and are not sure the description matches how it appears?

In this video we show how to identify common Holset turbochargers from early generation H1C and H1E, to HX35 […]